Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Baby is a Star!!!

We call all our furniture finds our babies. We know where each piece was picked up,how much we bought it for, where we displayed it, and who bought it. This piece in particular was bought by a memorable customer. One day this customer walks in with a few friends. We knew she was a serious buyer. She knew exactly what she was buying..... She picked out a few pillows and our cute little Burnt Red Color Settee. This settee was came in from an auction. At one point we had the intentions of recovering the worn and torn fabric , but all in all it was a great piece with great curves. The customer that bought it owns a store in Santa Monica called Bountiful . It is a darling store that you MUST visit when you go to Los Angeles.

When we drove by we couldnt find a store sign but realized the CUTEST iron and scrolly things pouring out of it had to be Bountiful .Not to mention the pink cake pedastals piled high in the window.We had to stop and check it out. This darling store was decorated by an abundance of lighting, mirrors, accessories, then a little door that entered into the back where all the magic was...and of course our little red settee peaking out from storage in the back.

This pink settee of course gave me hot flashes...

This pillow was bought from our store...haha

We mentioned to the owner, Sue Balmforth, that she had visited our store a few months back and bought the red settee from us. She remembered and said it had just been returned back from a movie set 15 minutes earlier and Johnny Depp had been sitting on it in a scene from his upcoming movie. Lisa and I tried to keep cool but of course we were super "cited".. Love Love Love that....Definately check out this store. Fabulous items and super sweet staff and store owner!!!!

We drove by this....Loved the name!

Couldnt pass up Rachel Ashwell's store Shabby Chic...Here is the inspiration board in the store....LOVE LOVE LOVE

We also went through the Los Angeles Gift and Home Market Show. Of course shabby, rusty, iron, and oversized items caught our eyes first. The reps for Eloquence were so sweet and said they new of "Urban Farmhouse" for the pink cowboy boots posted on our facebook page months ago. I'm always so shocked that people actually know of us.
We feel so important and loved ! Thank you :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Another Day

I could sit in the store for hours just looking around the store wondering what I can take home. I love everything..... but I know bringing it home would be a disaster. It will either be spray painted, carved with the names or icons, used as a sleeping device(Tristan??), or used as a torture device. Here are some fabulous pieces I would love to bring home....

Love french urns and antlers...all colors, shapes, and sizes....

This old french Mannequin is killing would look so cute in my daughter's room. She has already hinted around about it. Her design style is starting early.

This iron table is probably the cutest iron table of all time...Perfectly rusty and swirly....... LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years from Urban Farmhouse!

Well we have been inspired to finally sit down and start writing this blog after months of consideration. Were not great writers but we can tell stories...Stories of flea market excursions that brought us two crazy chihuhua mixes instead of furniture, road trip furniture finds and having the 2 inch deep dirt blown off us by a leaf blower, digging through abondoned barns in a white minidress with rotting dog carcases, and so much more! After reading The Pioneer Woman's blog...and loving her total honesty with everyday life...we actually decided that we could do this !  So here's to a Happy New Year and hopefully very entertaining blogs from the Farmhouse Girls!!!