Thursday, May 23, 2013


This past year and a half has been filled with many changes for Lisa and I. We had a lot of personal and business changes for both of us. In early 2012, I decided to take ( as Lisa called it) a "sabbatical" from the store. I felt overwhelmed with so many changes in my personal life and I need to take a break. We continued to do all of our shows together, Remnants of the Past  and Alameda Antiques Faire. We also went on road trips , flea markets, and attended the trade market shows to stay inspired. We never lost touch of our "junkin" sisterhood.. Our friendship and business partnership never changed , just evolved. As 2012 came to an end, Lisa had a family crisis with her son. He suffered a serious accident that required a lot Lisa's emotional and physical attention. She had to close the shop for a few months to care for him. He is now fully recovered!!!!
After a year and a half of many changes , we knew it was time for I to reunite with my Farmhouse roots.. We both needed it!!! I'm so happy to be back in our happy little store called URBAN FARMHOUSE!!!!